Portable EV Charger

1,000Wh Battery + 640W Solar Panel

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Product details

Including one 1,000W solar generator (CS1000) plus two 320W foldable solar panel.

Lithium battery adds 4 miles additional driving distance.
Battery life > 3,000 cycles, 5 – 10 years.
Plug and play, easy to set up and use. Compact, lightweight, portable.
Solar panel provides up to 20 miles driving distance per day.

Special Level-1 EVSE is required (Sold separately).


  • Powered by sunlight anywhere
  • Run any device under 1,000W
  • Instant ON, day or night
  • No pollution
  • Quiet generator
  • Easy to carry.
  • 100% Green
  • Power Ready = Prepared for emergency


AC 1,000W/120V/60Hz
DC 12V/8A, USB 5V/3A

DC 32V-45V / 8A
16” x 6” x 10”
Battery type:
Lithium Ion
Battery capacity:
1,010Wh (39Ah / 25.9V)
Working temperature:
10oF – 150oF
Working humidity:
< 95%
12 months.

 Solar panels: 640W / 36 V


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